Sinful Sunday 314


Soundly Spanked and Sent to Bed features Judy on the receiving end of a good old fashioned spanking, before being sent upstairs and straight to bed.

 15/04/2017    photography

This photo is our submission to Sinful Sunday 314 and comes from a very impromptu photoshoot in which we were simply enjoying some erotic spanking fun, and spontaneously decided it might be fun to capture a couple of pictures.

Soundly Spanked and Sent to Bed

In this week's Sinful Sunday we unashamedly confront an erotic-spanking cliche triple whammy. Try saying that while you are lying across your partner's lap!

In what I would describe as a bit of very light, disciplinary spanking fun, we managed to include the following:

  • instruct your spankee to count their spanks out loud
  • stand with their nose to the wall (pouting optional) and hands on head
  • sulkily pull up your pyjama bottoms, and be sent straight to bed

Counting out spanks is not a regular thing for us, but the hubby told me to and it was a bit of giggly fun. Great for teasing, you can "accidentally" miscount which will lead to extras being added, and then be threatened with starting over if (when!) you start to get a bit too cheeky, or be told to go and fetch an appropriate spanking paddle if Sir thinks you're simply not taking it all seriously enough... do I ever?! ;-) It's a fun dynamic and a nice way to add a bit of spice.

We were up to twenty when I suggested we really ought to try and capture a couple of "action" shots. It wasn't planned, and I found myself instructed to stand up against the wall, with hands on head, until my other half sorted out his camera onto a tripod. It feels deliciously naughty and you can savour the tingly sting while you wait.

And so to complete the treble, of course I was sent straight up to bed afterwards, but that's a whole other story! ;-)

On this occasion we were playing out a fairly intimate "over the knee" hand spanking fantasy, but if this is sounding like your kind of fun, you might like to check out our earlier article about these Open Back Knickers and the Singapore Stinger 3... it's a small bamboo paddle and just as the name suggests, it really is particularly stingy!

As things turned out, we positioned the camera close enough for some selfie style shots at about arm's length on a two second timer; in your head count "two seconds... one second... spank". Many were too blurred, but we managed to get a few nice photos before getting back to the business at hand. The photograph we chose for this post was probably the best of the "frozen moment in time" impact photos that we managed to capture.

I eventually rebelled and stopped counting in the mid-forties, although my other half insisted that we should not leave a job half finished, and he continued until my poor bot was a beautifully even shade of all-over pink... he can be a bit of a perfectionist at times. ;-)

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