Lovehoney Open Back Sheer Lace Knickers

 07/01/2017    spanking

We have a few pairs of spanking knickers with very open cage style backs and varying degrees of lace and ribbon decoration, and these Lovehoney Open Back Sheer Lace Knickers are definitely one of our favourites. They're very flattering and more comfortable than you would probably imagine; until your husband inevitably flips you over his knee, of course!

I think I can confidently speak for Steve here, and declare that my bottom is absolutely his favourite feature. In a sexy pair of knickers like these, he can't keep his hands off. Personally I think a slightly curvier bottom is the way to go with these. The straps simply embrace your curves and the ribbon detail at the back sets it all off perfectly.

You can see in the photo below, the quality of the knickers, including the lovely lace and ribbon details, is absolutely great. They feel pretty robust and should be able to withstand any vigorous tugging. Given how hot you'll look in them, the hubby is likely to be tugging them down sooner rather than later!

Thin or curvy, you'll look great and feel really sexy in these Lovehoney Open Back Sheer Lace Knickers. For anyone whose fella loves a shapely bottom, these are an essential addition to your lingerie collection. Great for the bedroom, but also comfortable enough to wear all day.

From reading the product description, they're not specifically branded as "spanking knickers", but let's face it, if a good spanking is your thing, these cage back style knickers are an absolutely must have accessory. They expose quite a lot of your bottom while they're on, so from your partner's perspective they can easily see your cheeks turning red while you are over their knee.

They're very sexy whilst on, and the straps and lace won't impede (much!) the impact of your partners palm, or your favourite spanking paddles. But, you do get the security of knowing that they protect your modesty to some degree, and so you still get that tingle of thrill when they are finally taken down your thighs so that the spanking can continue on your bare bottom.

Another winner, most definitely coming with the Steamybedtime seal of approval.

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