Sinful Sunday 313

 10/04/2017    photography

This is our submission to Sinful Sunday 313, featuring Judy wearing the delicious combination of a Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set and Okinawa jute rope from Esinem-Rope.

Innocence Embraced

Beautiful women in Schoolgirl outfits, helplessly entwined within intricately tied rope bondage, is an extremely popular motif in Japanese bondage, and for obvious reasons. In tribute to some of the Kinbaku photography that first piqued our interest in this form of erotic rope bondage, we have given this image a vintage treatment. The outfit Judy is wearing is the Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set and we think it fits perfectly into this fantasy of captured innocence.

This is an improvised tie, not sure if there is a name for the style, with hands tied at the front and held close to the body with a couple of wraps above the waist. We used three 8m ropes, constructing a spiralling type pattern, given some additional stability with a few hitches. All knots are at the front, so it was comfortable to lie back against the smooth wraps at the back.

In an earlier article, Classified Schoolgirl Set and Spanking Fantasies, we reviewed this outfit along with some photographic trickery to produce a photo-fantasy of the Judy "triplets" getting a spanking all together!

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 Sinful Sunday

Whenever we mention rope, we always recommend Bruce Esinem's Shibari Classes website. You need to register for a free account, but it's quick and easy to do, and there are some excellent free tutorials to check out before making any kind of commitment. There are potential risks in rope-play and some will not be at all obvious until you learn them from an expert; potential for nerve injury with specific rope placements, etc. You owe it to your partner (and yourself) to make sure you "learn the ropes" from a trustworthy source...

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