Dreamgirl Sheer Lace French Maid Costume

 01/07/2018    costume

This Dreamgirl Sheer Lace French Maid Costume unabashedly leans towards the saucier end of fancy dress offerings and leaves very little to the imagination.

While indulging our interests in erotic Japanese style rope, we chose this very naughty maid's outfit, a recent acquisition from the Dreamgirl brand. I loved how it looked in the photographs and decided to write this up into a brief review - along with some cheeky photos! We'll take a look from a few different angles, but first I'll start with a run-down of what's included.

The main part of the outfit is a sheer lace apron with a purely decorative black bow at the front, and it fastens at the back with a bow tied in the same black ribbon. The black shoulder straps are decorated with ruffled lace and have plenty of room for adjustment. The suspender straps, also black, are attached to the apron.

It comes with a few accessories. A thin black neck ribbon (very cute!) and a headband, and a feather. The included white g-string is about as attractive as you'd expect from something that's designed to fit from size 6 to size 16. I didn't even bother, and switched to a Lovehoney crotchless white thong.

The lace is quite transparent. Our lighting here is creating some bright reflection, and in reality the material is more sheer than it looks in our photographs. Overall, it's safe to say the Dreamgirl Sheer Lace French Maid leaves very little to the imagination - thereby freeing up your imagination to focus on other things!

If you want to know more about this style of rope bondage (and for whatever reasons prefer to study online) from our experience so far there is no better starting place than the courses at ShibariClasses.

The marketing photography matched the outfit with a pair of black stockings. It's personal preference of course, but in my view white stockings are a better choice. In the photographs you're seeing another Lovehoney item, their Sheer Lace Top Thigh-high Stockings.

The outfit is essentially a lace apron, open to the back with black "X" shaped shoulder straps. These have plenty of range for adjustment and you'll need to set the tension to give the garment its shape at the front.

Probably my only criticism for the item itself would be that I didn't like the supplied g-string. It looks cheap and it's far too big. Admittedly, I didn't have high expectations for it. My advice is, don't bother, just find some white lace knickers that you already like and go with them instead; I chose a crotchless white thong.

My hubby certainly took the hint and some sexy spanking shenanigans were pretty much guaranteed. :-)

Overall, I love the item, but at £33 I'd have to say it's a little overpriced. However, if you find it on sale, or are able to make use of a discount-code, it will make a lovely addition to your dressing up box.

For a little over a year we have been following an interest in Japanese style erotic rope bondage, mostly based on courses at ShibariClasses, and outfits like this make a perfect backdrop for some sexy photography.

We also wrote an article recently focused on Kinky Roleplay, and this type of saucy "uniform" is perfect for scenarios with a naughty maid disciplined by a dissatisfied employer... he certainly wasn't dissatisfied for long, let me assure you! ;-)

So, we'll close out this review with a couple of additional favourite photos from the set. In the image above, with wrists untied it's possible to stretch and shrug off a lot of the constriction, whilst most of the essential structure stays in place. I love the rope marks in this image.

With some ties I like the untying to precisely reverse the steps, taking it slowly and releasing tension only one move at a time. With this gote style box-tie, I don't find the arm position comfortable enough to sustain for more than about 15 minutes or so. In this case I find it's best to untie wrists first, stretch (to some extent!) and then sort out the rest.

And finally, indulging in a little digital cross-processing and softening, you can see here one of our favourite feather ticklers. (The one supplied with the outfit is pretty basic.)

We've got a few of the cheap and cheerful ticklers that often come in kits or are bundled with outfits. This one is a black ostrich feather and is a substantial improvement. It reminds me very much of our experiences with blindfolds - I'd highly recommend spending a little extra. If you skimp on these items, you're likely to be disappointed.

Check out this link to the Dreamgirl Sheer Lace French Maid, and don't forget to add some knickers and a pair of stockings.


We've been reviewing the Dreamgirl Sheer Lace French Maid outfit from Lovehoney, and indulging in a little kink along the way.

If you like the look of this traditional rope-play, take a look at Esinem-Rope for a great selection of shibari supplies. The rope in our photos is 6mm Okinawa jute. We've been studying several courses at ShibariClasses and we highly recommend them. You can check some of their free courses before buying any of their paid courses, which range from about $5 and upwards.

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