Sorority Spanking and Paddling in Mainstream Movies

 14/11/2020    spanking

We're examining scenes from three mainstream movies that feature Sorority Spanking and Paddling, and (with lots of photos) we'll try to learn the essential ingredients of a kinky initiation ceremony.

From the outset, I have to declare that all I know about sororities and fraternities has been learned from shlocky 1980's slasher horror, and comedies, from "Animal House" to "The House on Sorority Row". I realise these are not documentaries, and that's fine. In this blog post I'm favouring the legends and the fantasies. Reality can take a back seat.

The three movies we chose are: Die Die Delta Pi from 2013, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women from 2017, and then we'll go all the way back to 1988 for an in-depth look at the legendary Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama.

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Wooden spanking paddles are a common motif in these movies, whether slasher or comedy. Before we get into our three chosen movies, here are three more examples of paddles seen in context.

First, we see this classic Greek style paddle, one of many that decorate the walls of the sorority house in 2004's "D.E.B.S". I'm convinced that Meagan Good could have delivered a memorable paddle swat to her fellow housemates perky behinds, but she doesn't get the opportunity in this movie!

In "The House on Sorority Row", the paddles are also just part of the decor. A pity, since the movie features several young ladies who might have benefited from a timely and judicious spanked bottom.

In "Life of the Party", a movie set in the present day, the delightful Melissa McCarthy takes just a single paddle swat from her daughter. They play the scene for laughs, but it suggests that paddling initiation ceremonies are best left to the college youngsters!

Our theme is going to centre on this style of oversized wooden paddle, often decorated with emblems and painted letters. They form an established part of sorority house decor, but we are more interested in what happens when they come down from the wall, and are used as nature intended...! ;-)

Die Die Delta Pi

Our first movie, Die Die Delta Pi, scores 3.6/10 on IMDB and is not going to win any awards. The acting is as wooden as their paddles. Do you see what I did there?! On the plus side, it features not just one, but two paddling initiation scenes.

Both ceremonies take place outdoors, and both feature traditionally decorated wooden paddles.

We begin in flashback to 1986, where pledge Marissa Chambers (played by Olivia Blake) is about to be initiated at campfire toga party. She assumes the position and is given four moderate swats over her panties by Allison Murray (played by Tara Tritsch).

Below we see Allison, beaming with satisfaction at a job well done. The pleasure of the pledge-master is a recurring theme.

Marissa Chambers would reasonably expect to get back to the party now, nursing nothing more than a burning bottom. Unfortunately, a follow-up prank involving insanely flammable silly string (and the presumably soon to be deceased Miss Chambers) coincides with an equally insane and gory killing spree back at the sorority house.

Fast-forward to the present day, and the sisters are back around another campfire. You'll be pleased to hear that soon it won't just be marshmallows getting toasted!

It seems Delta Pi have an old tradition, and a new paddle. Astute observers will probably also notice that this time the lettering is the correct orientation for a right-handed spanker! That's one thing they have learned since 1986.

It follows the traditional design, a heavy wood paddle, painted black and decorated with raised lettering.

First of all the twins, Cloe and Zoe, demonstrate the process. "Let's show these newbies how it's done!" To their credit, they require minimal persuasion, and happily present their panty clad bottoms for the demonstration paddling.

You might think such a demonstration is hardly necessary, but there's no harm in setting clear expectations.

Having shown how it's done, with cries that include, "oooo", "aahh", and "harder", it's time for the aforementioned "newbies" to take their turn.

They are considerably less enthusiastic than Cloe and Zoe, but to their credit, they take the prescribed four swats in good grace.

In a traditional hands-on-thighs posture, they assume the position.

We witness all four swats, undoubtedly real, although perhaps a little too gentle, delivered directly onto underwear.

The new girls swap places to conclude the kinky ritual with a second batch of four swats.

Having now had some practice swings, these final four swats do seem to have a little more oomph behind them, but despite Diane's protest of, "Yeah, that hurt!" this was also rather a mild spanking.

And of course, where would a sorority themed horror movie be without some gratuitous nudity?

Leaving aside the simultaneous bloodbaths that are unfolding elsewhere, we have some key elements in the scenes above.

There's a sense of long-standing tradition, of a ritual that must continue to be passed on. There is camaraderie around the campfire with its soft, moody lighting, and the dance of light and shadow adds to the atmosphere. Finally, a game of truth or dare and varying states of undress, add to the sense of taboo.

The mood is one of modern, cool girls, with a certain amount of bravado injected into their, "get your ass up here" attitude. There are no cloaks, hoods and formal ritual. Just sexy underwear and sass!

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

We move now to the (based on a) true story of the creation of Wonder Woman. This is a far better film all around, currently scoring at 7.1/10 on IMDB. Kinky throughout, there is a lengthy and erotically charged sorority spanking scene around twenty minutes into the movie.

If compared to Die Die Delta Pi, the setting here is austere and formal. It is the end of the 1930s and their clothing may look conservative to modern eyes, but who can deny how amazing this looks by candlelight? The formality continues as Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote) is ceremoniously presented with the wooden paddle and confronts her nervous pledge.

Sara (Allie Gallerani) can guess what's coming next and looks suitably apprehensive.

"Harder. She's a baby and needs to be punished," is about as cheeky as the dialogue gets. You won't find any foul mouthed, "get your ass up here", from the girls of Radcliffe College.

In spite of her nerves, Sara obediently took up the traditional position over Olive's lap, and braces herself for the paddle. You might describe this as an over-the-knee spanking, but it's over-the-knee in a very formal manner.

Olive already knows that Professor Marston and his wife, Elizabeth, are hiding on the landing, and it seems she's able to sense their arousal. In response to the excitement, she begins to paddle Sara even more firmly.

In keeping with the atmosphere, the paddle is plain, undecorated wood. We hear around two-dozen swats, sometimes on-camera and sometimes cutting away to reactions.

It looks heavy, and is about as large as you could comfortably employ for an over-the-knee spanking.

Sara's reactions are fabulous, as we see here...

...and here!

As the paddling draws to its conclusion, we observe a mix of emotions, from concern to wry satisfaction.

This scene is is far removed from Die Die Delta Pi's cheeky banter around the campfire. This movie allows us to bask in the tradition and the air is one of formal obedience. The language the sisters use speaks for itself.

"Are you back-talking? You aren't to speak unless you are spoken to."

"No... I realise that..."

"Pledge-master Olive. Discipline your charge."

Sara is nervous, but knows better than to protest, and she needs no cajoling to kneel and bend over Olive's lap. It leaves us in little doubt that we are witnessing a rite of passage, played out on countless occasions over the years.

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama (1988)

And so, where else could we conclude our exploration? This movie rightfully holds its place in the sorority spanking movie hall of fame! In terms of formality, it sits somewhere between our other two movie choices. It also introduces a new motif - the black gown and hood. Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama scores 5/10 on IMDB, but here in the SteamyBedtime household, we score the paddling scene at least 9/10.

The scene begins with the two pledges in giggly mood, questioning whether humiliation and institutionalised sadism are the only ways to get into a good sorority? Babs (played by Robin Stille) is clearly in no mood for that kind of nonsense.

"Initiates were not given permission to speak. That infraction will require punishment. Assume the position!"

Well- at least that answers their question!

All the ingredients are here. The older sisters in black hooded gowns and a room lit by candles. Two scantily clad, sexy pledges, bending into a classic over-the-sofa position. And of course, let's feast our eyes on that gigantic paddle. In fact, the only thing they forgot to do was to close the curtains!

It's an epic paddling, with 44 swats, although that includes cutaways to facial reactions, and several swats heard from outside the room. We see 12 of the swats directly on-camera. And below, we gain some insight into Lisa's feelings about that awful paddle! (Michelle Bauer)

Their reactions are perfect, and In freeze-frame it's possible to capture some delightful moments of impact. Below it's Taffy's turn. (Brinke Stevens)

And with some careful frame-by-frame advance (below we see two adjacent frames) there are ripples of impact that will enchant spanking fans everywhere.

Babs takes turns, giving five or six swats before switching bottoms... so to speak.

After all that, not surprisingly, the girls are eager to massage their stinging bottoms!

Happily for them, the next stage of their initiation, named "whipped surprise", turns out to be a messy rather than a painful ordeal.

Inevitably we follow the girls into the shower, and presumably none of their bathtubs have shower-curtains?

Taffy takes her time to ensure that she washes off every remnant of the whipped cream. It's important to be thorough, I suppose.

Perhaps you might think I'm being fanciful, but I can't help thinking there's just the beginnings of a small bruise low down on each cheek...

Babs clearly has a sadistic streak, because we soon learn that her father owns the local mall, and the girls' initiation is far from over!

If there is a better kinky sorority initiation in mainstream cinema, I would very much like to hear about it! (Leave us a comment below.)

In Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama we have most of the key initiation ceremony elements. The pledges nervously awaiting their fate in a candlelit room. The formality of the instruction to assume the position, secure in the knowledge of their impending punishment. The contrast in the outfits, with hooded gowns vs panties and crop tops.

It may not be the greatest movie ever, but it ticks many of the right boxes!

Ingredients of a Kinky Initiation Ceremony

And so there we have it. Three movies, and three flavours of kinky initiation. The moods are very different, but I think we can distil several common ingredients.

Soft, atmospheric lighting. Candlelight is perfect. Not only do you get the warm, flickery quality of the light, but you can use scented candles to enhance the ambiance. Be careful not to knock over any candles with enthusiastic paddle swings!

Don't underestimate the importance of creating mood. Whether this involves gathering to toast marshmallows on a campfire, telling scary stories, formal music and ritual, or waiting in quiet meditation, don't rush things. Think of it as foreplay!

Establish hierarchy by choice of costume. In any roleplay, contrasting outfits can help reinforce the dynamic between spanker and spankee. For a kinky initiation, the "pledge" should feel a sense of vulnerability. Choosing a skimpy, sexy outfit, or to strip fully naked, might create the contrast you desire, particularly if whoever is administering the paddle steps up their outfit to something especially formal.

Create a script. By that, I don't mean write a Shakespearian epic! But, unless you are an improv ninja, it's going to be useful to prepare a few choice phrases. "We are gathered here to welcome pledge insert name to the Order of the Glowing Behind." And be sure to include the obligatory, "Assume the position!" at some stage of the proceedings. Remember that you are enacting a prescribed ritual, and rules are there to be followed.

Assume the position. Typically, this should also be rather formal. Steer away from intimate over-the-knee positions. If you are sufficiently flexible, grab your ankles! Otherwise, hands on thighs or gripping the backs of knees will work well. Bending over a chair or sofa will be more comfortable if you opt for a higher number of swats.

The spanking should be formal. I'm afraid that we'll need to forego any gentle, erotic warm-up spankings, and launch directly into the main course. Obviously I can't prescribe this for you exactly, you're going to have to choose whatever feels comfortable. My one entreaty, if you truly want to maintain the kinky initiation mood, is to keep it slow and formal. Edgy, but not too severe.

The kinky initiation ritual doesn't end here. It's not an orgasm, so none of you should be rolling over and falling asleep!! A common theme to the three sorority spanking movies we looked at was that the paddling happens mid-ceremony, not in conclusion. You are initiating new intimate friendships by means of a naughty and forbidden ceremony, so now is the time to toast yourselves another marshmallow, meditate in your scented candlelight, and discreetly massage your smarting bottom.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and I hope you've enjoyed our kinky sorority initiation movie round-up! :-) xx


If you don't feel inclined to purchase a vintage paddle from eBay, we recommend this selection of spanking paddles from Lovehoney.

If you like the idea of a hooded cloak, many Halloween outfits follow this theme. Think along the lines of monks and wizards. The pledge outfit should prove very much easier, and might require nothing but your birthday suit. ;-) If you prefer something more discreet, consider pyjamas, a nightshirt, or follow the Sorority Babes theme and go with t-shirt and panties.

For some authentic, vintage sorority spanking photography, check out Richard Windsor's blog, here -> Sorority Spankings.

There are 'Greek' guides on making your own paddle, try a Google search. Or Amazon sells "blanks" at a very reasonable price that you can purchase and then decorate to your own design.

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