Sinful Sunday 395

 04/11/2018    photography

Our submission to Sinful Sunday 395, Shadowplay, is an impromptu image created after we noticed a pair of video lights were casting some rather interesting shadows.


Below is one of the images from the photoset that we were actually working on at the time. Excessive shadows are something that we would typically minimise using multiple lights, reflectors, and adapters to diffuse the light.

But what if the shadow is exactly what you want to capture? We hadn't planned a #SinfulSunday image this week, but having spotted the theme was "transmogrify", it prompted us to share a couple of these images.

The theme was traditional Japanese style rope bondage, but we were having some problems with strong shadows that distracted from the shape of the images. Before reorganising the lights we captured a series of these shadow images.

The movement proved to be quite unpredictable, due to the interplay of two lights, a daylight balanced and slightly diffused LED panel light, and a more focussed (warm) LED spot.

The result was a slightly James Bond-esque sequence of provocative shadows morphing in and out of the light. :-)

Sinful Sunday 395

Shake and stir yourself over to Sinful Sunday 395 and apply for your licence to thrill...

Sinful Sunday

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