Sinful Sunday 393

 21/10/2018    spanking

Our submission to Sinful Sunday 393, Thoroughly Red Devil, is still image taken after spending a few minutes across the hubby's knee, bringing #WearRedDay to its inevitable conclusion.

Thoroughly Red Devil

We were lucky enough to be sent this item free from Lovehoney to review - basically a red bodystocking with some "devil" accessories, horns, tail and a fork! It's a fun item and there's the added bonus that when Halloween is over, it's still a nice looking fishnet bodystocking.

Friday October 19th was Wear Red Day, organised by the charity Show Racism the Red Card. Having participated and donated at work, it seemed only fitting to round off the event by wearing a red bottom all the way to the naughty corner. Here you are witness to the hubby's well intentioned ministrations upon my poor bot! :-)

There's an accompanying video, but it's not quite ready yet. If you follow us on Twitter, @SteamyBedtime, we'll be sure to post it there.

It's All About the Image

I liked the shallow depth of field, shot with a 50mm lens at f1.4, and I think it works nicely with the repetitive pattern of the fishnet. Hopefully the various shades of red also compliment each other!

The lighting is very simple, an LED panel bounced into a white umbrella almost above the camera, with a smaller LED spot from the side. Post-processing is minimal, other than to eliminate some light-spill onto the black backdrop.

Sinful Sunday 389

Blaze a trail over to Sinful Sunday 393 and judge the sinfulness...

Sinful Sunday

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