Sinful Sunday 379

 15/07/2018    spanking

Our submission to Sinful Sunday 379 is a still photograph taken whilst filming a series of short, spanking themed video clips for our Twitter timeline.

It's All About The Fives

There's a little bit of a backstory to this week's photograph. Over the weekend we noticed that we had just passed 555 Twitter followers, and decided on some "5" themed video clips.

Over the course of five short video clips, we worked through our toybox of small spanking implements and recorded five spanks from each! Luckily, it added up to 55, staying true to our "all the fives" theme. The short scenes are very playful, so please do check them out and leave us any feedback. :-)

It's All About the Image

Lighting and colour balance is inevitably tricky under a mix of halogen and LED lights. In this instance we were in the midst of filming a video clip and didn't want to have to set up a flashgun for just a couple of still photographs. Our video setup (using a small mirrorless compact) seems to make a very good job of guessing a sensible and normally fairly complimentary white balance; even in this fairly dubious lighting set up.

Where stills photography is concerned, our SLR produces a far more honest rendition of any scene. With a white balance taken from a grey card we did get to a pretty accurate skin tone, although ultimately it needn't have mattered. To try and give the image a bit more punch, we made some contrast changes and then added a subtle blue tone!

But all things considered, I'm very pleased with the image. I think there's a nice separation from the background and quite a reasonable sense of depth.

Sinful Sunday 379

Take a break and roll over at a fair old clip to Sinful Sunday 379...

Sinful Sunday

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