Sinful Sunday 372

 27/05/2018    kinbaku

Our Sinful Sunday image this week is titled "Time To Unwind" and our focus is on rope that has just been untied.

Time To Unwind

Untying is an oft neglected aspect of ropeplay. Unless you need to untie quickly for any reason, we find it fun to slowly reverse the steps, maintaining tension in the rope as you reverse through each knot, cinch and friction, only breaking the structure of the tie one step at a time.

Whatever approach you take, try to make the release just as sensual as the tying... double the fun for both of you! ;-)

Our photo this week was taken when the ropes are basically untied, just a couple of loose wraps remaining in place.

For more rope photography and resources, take a look at the Kinbaku Category of our blog. But for now, wrap things up and don't get into a tangle before you head over to Sinful Sunday 372...

Sinful Sunday

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