Sinful Sunday 370

 12/05/2018    spanking

Our submission to Sinful Sunday 370 takes a detour towards the slightly silly, with everyone's favourite arcade game: Korporal Kombat.

Korporal Kombat

Choose your destiny! Choose your weapon! Kombat begins!

In this seemingly uneven contest, Kontestant Judy bravely assumes the position and faces off against the dreaded Headmaster. He's well known as a character of many skills and evil power-ups. From the ever present "Leathery Palm" to the "Plimsoll Butt Slam", or the terrible "Wrath of Tawse" and "Dragon Cane Fire Dance". Where there is smoke, there is Fire; finish her!!

Double flawless victory... Headmaster wins! ;-) x

In our latest spanking photo story, a lesson in fiscal prudence is delivered via the seat of Judy's pants! We proudly present: The Cost of New Pyjamas.

But although Headmaster may have been victorious on this occasion, have no fear, because it will not be long before Schoolgirl Judy is back for a rematch.

Wrap your fingers around the nearest joystick and fight your way over to Sinful Sunday 370...

Sinful Sunday

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