Sinful Sunday 354

 22/01/2018    kinbaku

We've embarked on a Kinbaku photo-a-week project in 2018, currently on week 3, and we suddenly have a plethora of rope photographs.


This is an "after" photo following some practice of a futomomo style leg tie... and other related fun! ;-) Here the photo has been desaturated and lightly toned. The addition of a soft vignette and a grain effect created a vintage look that I really liked.

For the latest image in our #kinbaku52 photo project, follow this link: 3. Wide Single Columns. I feel like interest is growing in the erotic aspects of Japanese style rope bondage... you might even like to play along at home! ;-)

Most people begin this leg tie either with a single-column to the ankle or foot, or a double-column around ankle and thigh. We've recently been experimenting with a variation on this, starting with a single-column tie on the thigh.

It's a matter of opinion of course, but I'm convinced this approach makes for a more comfortable tie and makes it easier to sustain the tie for a longer period. Well worth a try I would have to say.

Check out this weeks other sinful photos over at Sinful Sunday 354... :-)

Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday 358

  17/02/2018    kinbaku
You might recognise the ropework from our previous blog post, and this is an additional image that we chose not to include in that photo-set....

07. Crossed Hands Upper Body Tie

  17/02/2018    kinbaku
In week 7 of our Kinbaku52 photo project we're using last week's crossed double column tie to form the basis of a simple upper body tie....

06. Crossed Double Column Tie

  14/02/2018    kinbaku
For week 6 of our Kinbaku52 photo-project we are looking at our favourite tie for a crossed wrists double column tie....