Sinful Sunday 342

 29/10/2017    photography

An accidental four second exposure while taking a light-meter reading led to this sinfully ghostly image.

Ghosts in Black Satin

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes."
~Mahatma Gandhi

I don't know if this represents his intended meaning, but I've always liked that quote and I think if you can allow yourselves to make mistakes without judgement or personal stigma, you can evaluate and move on. Sometimes (although obviously not always!) the "mistake" will have wonderful consequences that you could never have anticipated, and making mistakes might even be seen as an inevitable consequence of any kind of creativity.

This photograph brought that thought back into my mind and it was very nearly instantly deleted after a cursory glance at the back of our camera. We were trying to take a light reading and the wireless trigger opened the camera shutter but failed to fire either of the two flashguns that we had placed. The camera was not positioned correctly either, and was still set on auto, setting off a four second exposure. Moving out of frame just before the shutter closed has created the ghostly transparency and I liked the glow from the dimmed lights.

PS: Coming as it did over a weekend filled with Halloween frivolity, I would have loved to name this picture "Ghostbusty", but my dimensions don't quite warrant the accolade! ;-)

Don't be scared to visit the Sinful Sunday website and investigate this weeks other sinful photos!

Sinful Sunday

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