Sinful Sunday 340

 15/10/2017    kinbaku

Our submission to Sinful Sunday 340 is Judy Unwrapped, featuring the distinctive skin impressions of our Okinawa Jute rope.

Judy Unwrapped

Our photo this week was taken as part of a photoset for our latest blog post, Review: Upper Body Ties Made Easy. High quality jute leaves a beautiful impression once it's untied, and the pattern is often sufficiently distinctive that you can recognise not only the preceding tie, but also the type of rope used based on it's width and the tightness of the lay.

Here you see the pattern of our Okinawa Jute, and the spiral pattern left on the inner side of a simple futo momo tie. The frictions and knots were on the outside-leg, out of shot from this angle, and formed part of a tie that also incorporated a magic-wand... ;-)

The erotic ropework in our exploration of kinbaku is steadily improving with practise, and online courses such as the one we reviewed in our latest blog post: Upper Body Ties Made Easy.

Don't get yourself in a tangle - head over to the Sinful Sunday website and see what's hot and what's knot! ;-)

Sinful Sunday

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