Sinful Sunday 339

 07/10/2017    lingerie

In our submission for Sinful Sunday 339, Strike a Pose, it sounds like someone is going the right way for a smacked bottom.

Strike a Pose

"So, when you say, strike a pose-" the hubby began, his sentence trailing off as he put down his camera and moved around behind me. The lightest flick of his finger set the sheer babydoll into smoothly silken free-fall so that it bunched into the small of my back.

"Yes," I replied, "you know, like in the Madonna song. Strike a pose! Even you must have heard that one."

"I presumed you meant it more literally. I'd be more than happy to strike your pose if that's what you would like."

I glanced back, probably looking slightly perplexed.

"What exactly are you talking ab... OWW! ...t?" and with impeccable timing his right hand delivered a crisp smack over my lace panties and with an admirable effort I just managed to append the final "T".

"Hey! Her strike a pose lyric comes from Vogue, not Hanky Panky!"

My cheeky response immediately earned another firm spank, and with both cheeks now tingling warmly, I felt the anticipated tug on the neatly tied bows of my tie-side knickers and they were whisked away in a single smooth motion.

"We've only just begun!" he said.

"The Carpenters? Well I guess that's more your era, you old fart!" With calculated sassiness I felt like that was the kind of attitude to ensure our fun really had only just begun.....

We've given the photo a slightly cross-processed treatment that has perhaps become a bit of a cliche in these Instagram days. I hope the effect here is not too ostentatious! We brought in some golden tones to the skin and background whilst introducing a blue tint into the shadows.

If you like the look of these ribbon side-tie panties, we reviewed them in this article: Lovehoney Lace Up and Unwrap Me.

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Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday 341

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