Sinful Sunday 335

 10/09/2017    photography

Our submission to Sinful Sunday this week is The Other Hairbrush and forms part of a personal project to try and be a little more creative in our photography.

The Other Hairbrush

Erotic photography has long been a thing for us, but looking back through our collection I had begun to think that whilst we've become quite technically proficient, a lot of the images feel rather posed. We've been giving that a lot of thought over recent weeks and this particular capture comes from a series of candid photographs the hubby took while we were getting ready to go out for dinner.

I particularly liked this one, capturing a completely everyday moment in a way that I find quite exciting. Even though it's taken fully nude, a sense of modesty is conveniently preserved by the frame of the wardrobe door and the hip position and moving hands gives me a strong sense of preserving a single, spontaneous moment in time.

Here the camera becomes a proxy for your lover's eyes, hungrily taking in every naked curve. I can feel the thrilling tingle of his desire and wonder how much I can tease him without the risk of making us late for our table reservation!

The title of The Other Hairbrush is a reference back our earlier The Naughty Step photo from Sinful Sunday 330, which features a large wooden hairbrush that usually serves a very different purpose. ;-)

Make a clean sweep and brush up on your knowledge of the Sinful Sunday website and see this week's other sinful photos.

Sinful Sunday

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