Sinful Sunday 332

 20/08/2017    lingerie

In our submission for Sinful Sunday 332, Judy indulges in some bedtime reading, but with a copy of Fifty Shades and a short silk nightie, it probably won't be long before her naughty mind starts to wander.

A Book At Bedtime

Some people say a book at bedtime helps you to get off... to sleep, that is! ;-)

In a couple of our latest photosets we've been trying to explore some slightly less conventional angles. Looking back, I think we've often gone for very conventional poses and hopefully this slightly rethought approach is having a positive effect. We've copied a couple of examples below, and I think it's something that will continue to improve with practice.

We're angling for you to click the logo below to visit the Sinful Sunday website so that you can read all about this week's other sinful photos...

Sinful Sunday 

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Sinful Sunday 341

  22/10/2017    lingerie
Our submission to Sinful Sunday 341 is Sheer Electric, featuring this Escante Electric Blue Babydoll....

Sinful Sunday 339

  07/10/2017    lingerie
In our submission for Sinful Sunday 339, Strike a Pose, it sounds like someone is going the right way for a smacked bottom....

Sweet Dreams Chemise

  15/09/2017    lingerie
We recently wrote about babydolls as sexy night attire, and another of my favourites is this ivory coloured Sweet Dreams Chemise...