Babydolls As Sexy Nightwear

 16/08/2017    lingerie

If you're on the lookout for some sexy nightwear, I love the look and feel of a sexy babydoll. Whether silky, or sheer, or a bit of both, they're comfy enough to replace your nightie, although your hubby might not want you to keep it on for very long.

The lingerie in these photos is the iCollection Sheer Open-Back Babydoll, sadly discontinued, and we're finding the open-back style seems harder to find now. Bit of a shame really, because this styling is really complimentary from the front and rather naughtier from the back!

However, leaving aside the open back, the other thing I really like about it is the mix of the really vibrant coloured satin together with the softly draped sheer black. It's a fabulous combo, and is great if you like the added benefit that it can downplay any lumps, bumps and wrinkly bits! ;-)

While searching for similar items, this Beauty Night Satin and Sheer Chemise really caught our eye. Admittedly the style is different, but it really captures the vibrant turquoise satin and includes similarly tantalising sheer panels. In common with this babydoll, I think it would also make great sexy nightwear.

Being open at the back is a fabulous feature if you enjoy some naughty spanking fantasies and your other half is guaranteed a tantalising view of your posterior, but in reality any of these shorter styles are going to look fab from the rear.

We reviewed these pearl thong knickers a few weeks ago. You can check it out via this link: Secret Pearl Thong Knickers.

Do be sure to add some naughty knickers to complete the ensemble. In the photo below you're seeing the rear view of a pair of open crotch pearl string knickers that we previously reviewed here: Secret Pearl Thong Knickers.

You might recognise the hairbrush which also featured in our Sinful Sunday image last week: On The Naughty Step. It comes from Amazon and is this product: Tenflyer Natural Bamboo Paddle Brush. As a hairbrush it's mediocre, but we mainly had our eye on the rear - so to speak.

It was a couple of pounds at the time we bought it, including shipping from China. Admittedly it was a little rough around the edges, including a few splinters where the hole is drilled for a wrist lanyard. I'm also not convinced that it's actually made of bamboo. However, with a bit of elbow grease and sandpaper, followed up with Danish Oil and some polish, it's now very much fit for purpose. :-)

In conclusion, I don't think I could ever have too many chemises and babydolls. Perfect for sexy shenanigans and versatile as nightwear. From your partner's perspective, I think they also make lovely gifts - a much safer choice for a man who's in any kind of doubt about whether you'll really love that studded PVC catsuit as much as he does! ;-)


Upgrade your night attire from nighties and PJs... to babydolls and BJs ;-)

If you like the look of our photos check out these Lovehoney Chemises and Babydolls, and pair them up with some naughty knickers. A spanking paddle is optional, of course, but I find they go rather nicely together!

For reference you might like our earlier article: Lingerie Gift Suggestions for Husbands and our review of the Secret Pearl Thong Knickers.

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