Sinful Sunday 331

 13/08/2017    kinbaku

In this kinbaku triptych we combine three close-up details of our gote shibari to highlight distinctive aspects of this form of hands behind the back tie. This photo is our submission to Sinful Sunday 331.

Triple Tie

There are many who would consider kinbaku (or shibari, or Japanese style rope bondage, etc) to be an intimate art form, just as much as it's a form of BDSM play. For us it carries many meanings. Sometimes it's a sex thing and a type of submissive foreplay, but just as often it's about complete relaxation, almost like a meditation. Connected via your partner's ropework, perhaps guided meditation would be a better analogy?

As a couple embarking on an exploration of this erotic art, part of the appeal of our personal photography has been to extend the pleasures of the rope, enjoying the beauty and intricacy of the tie long after the actual knots are released. I can also see details in the photographs that I might have felt, or even been able to take a guess at, but it's only afterwards that I can take time to really enjoy the visual aesthetics.

What you see in the photograph are three slightly different angles on our current gote shibari. (Here we're using Okinawa Jute from EsinemRope.) In combining these particular images we have tried to capture the key elements of the tie in a way that's interesting, but simultaneously getting up close to reveal a level of detail that wouldn't easily be visible in a typical kinbaku portrait.

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Sinful Sunday 

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