Sinful Sunday 321

 04/06/2017    photography

Admittedly not outdoors, although the patio doors were open, this photo comes from an article we're currently working on that's all about paying attention to small details.

Get Garter

Apologies for the inevitable pun! ;-) Despite the confused Tyneside geography, Get Carter remains one of our favourite movies; simply iconic 1970's grittiness, and a masterclass in how gangster stories should be told. So much is unspoken, and yet it manages to say so much.

We're working on an article all about small details that are easily overlooked at first glance, but which play an essential part in the overall effect. From coloured stitching, to ribbon details, to the knot used to join two lengths of rope, or the orientation of a knot so that flow is maintained. (It will appear sometime next week.)

In the meantime, we leave you with this black and red Lovehoney garter. Click the logo below to visit the Sinful Sunday website and see this week's other sinful photos...

Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday 342

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