Sinful Sunday 319

 21/05/2017    photography

Last week we were taking photos for a book review, but once the review was completed we dropped those in favour of some artistic nude photography in the bedroom, with this particular image coming after the ropes were untied.

Make a Good Impression

Kinbaku is not something that can be thought of as a finished product; the journey is equally important, and perhaps more so...

You sit naked, feeling your lover embrace you and relaxing into their arms as their hands explore. It's a touch that is simultaneously delicate, yet purposeful. There's a familiar shiver of anticipation as one hand encloses your wrists, pinning them firmly as the first hank of rope is cast loose like a fishing line. The supple rope encircles your wrists, first once, then twice. With dreamy fascination you watch the lines cross, the bite passed around to cinch the tie, and the first knot is completed and locked with a delicate flourish of his finger and thumb.

Here you are at the crossroads of freedom and restraint, knowing that the next few passes of your lover's rope will confine you into a realm of inescapable pleasures.

And afterwards, as you bask in the glow of post-orgasmic bliss, the sequence is reversed. Almost like a tape rewinding, the rope is peeled back. With practice, the tension of every aspect of the tie can be released one at a time, step by step, until once again you lie naked in his supportive arms.

But, your nakedness is subtly incomplete. A glance downwards reveals your skin is decorated with the reddened indentations of three-ply twisted rope. Like a ghost, or the shadow of a memory, the ropework still remains visible upon your body, softy fading into time.

Thus, only then is this particular journey complete.

Most of our recent learning in the art of erotic rope bondage has centred on Esinem's Shibari Classes website, but alongside that we have recently purchased and reviewed Shin Nawakari's, Essence of Shibari. It's a short, but beautifully photographed book exploring traditional aspects of shibari, aka kinbaku.

Perhaps this is rather a niche kink, but we really feel as if breaking out, and we increasingly see more curiosity and fascination in this beautiful erotic play. If you want to explore, please stay safe, find some good teaching, and get yourself off to the best possible start.

You can check out one of our earlier practice sessions in our article, Getting Wrapped Up In Shibari Practice, where we improvise a tie based on techniques we had been learning from the Tying Techniques Part 1 course on Shibari Classes.

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