Sinful Sunday 318

 14/05/2017    photography

This is one of a series of photos we took tonight for a (currently in progress) book review, featuring Judy in a pair of orange Lovehoney Lace Boyshorts and some soft Japanese style jute rope.

Embrace of the Rope

This latest photo features Judy slowly being embraced into a tie known as a takate kote. It's a beautiful position, and a mainstay of this style of Japanese rope bondage. Arms are held back and chest is thrust forward, bared breasts tantalisingly presented to the exploring hands of your partner as their rope makes its sequence of wraps and cinches.

This photo is in the first stage of the tie, which can be kept quite simple, or there are many more complex and intricate variations. We feel like we're making good progress with a series of courses we're studying on the Shibari Classes website, and have just bought Shin Nawakari's newly translated "Essence of Shibari". An in depth review will follow, but we need to spend a little more time with it first.

I hope you enjoy the photograph, and perhaps feel inspired to experiment in traditional, erotic rope bondage. :-)

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