Sinful Sunday 315

 22/04/2017    photography

We were in the midst of a photoshoot featuring a couple of our favourite Ann Summers Babydolls when we had the idea to capture this intimate image of ourselves. Needless to say, this photo represented pretty much the end of any photography for the time being.

Hold Me Tight

We'd be the first to admit that erotic photography is a bit of a "thing" for us! Some images we can share via our blog, some others you might find if you follow us on Fetlife, and some are purely for our own private pleasure.

Over the last few years I've collected a lot of lingerie and outfits. Mostly they have been from Lovehoney, but I've also found some really beautiful lingerie from Ann Summers. It can be a little expensive, but you can certainly feel the quality, and they often have some great special offers. We had an evening of photography a couple of nights ago and I picked out a selection of my favourite Ann Summers Babydolls. (That article/review will follow soon!)

After we'd got all the shots we'd normally take, some full length, a few detailed close-ups, I suggested to the hubby that he stand behind me and pretend to be slipping the strap off my shoulder. It's a sexy feeling, I love being gently undressed, but we found his baggy t-shirt and tracksuit pants were really killing the romance in the photos.

"It's no good, you're going to have to strip off," I told him, noticing he didn't take a lot of persuading.

He was clearly rising to the occasion, but we managed a couple of photos before I was shedding the babydoll and we were all over each other on the sofa! I take is as a compliment to myself, and also to the sexiness of the lingerie! All's well that ends well, I say. ;-)

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