Sinful Sunday 308

 05/03/2017    photography

This is our submission for Sinful Sunday 308, with a theme of "weekends are for", this is our shibari inspired image featuring a length of Okinawa Jute from Esinem-Rope.

Weekends Are For Shibari

This month's theme is "Weekends are for..." and we've gone with a simple rope photo. Very easy to slip into, not so easy to slip out of! ;-)

This rope on a door handle meme has been done before in various different formats and wording. I'm fairly sure we've seen a couple of variations via Tumblr and Pinterest. The rope shown here is from Esinem-Rope, based in London, but with worldwide shipping. Excellent quality! If you like the idea of Japanese rope bondage, check out our recent article, Capturing the Passion, where we discuss some of our recent inspirations - along with some saucy photography of course! ;-)

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Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday 336

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Sinful Sunday 335

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Sinful Sunday 328

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