Sinful Sunday 305


"She Wore a Pretty Ribbon" is our submission to Sinful Sunday 305.

 12/02/2017    photography

This is our submission for Sinful Sunday 305, featuring Judy modelling a close up ribbon detail of the Lovehoney Seduce Me Basque.

She Wore a Pretty Ribbon

This month's theme is "Minimalist" and we've gone for a slightly abstract ribbon detail from one of our favourite lingerie items; the Lovehoney Seduce Me Basque. You can click the logo below to visit the site and see the other submitted photos...

Sinful Sunday
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Sinful Sunday 328

  23/07/2017    photography
After our photo sessions we often take a final few still-life images of lingerie, rope, or other play things...

Sinful Sunday 327

  16/07/2017    photography
We have recently been working on creating better structured and more consistent rear stems in this style of gote shibari tie...

Sinful Sunday 326

  09/07/2017    photography
Any red blooded male seeing his wife or girlfriend in a pair of side-fastening bow knickers will find himself utterly helpless to resist slowly reaching out his hand and giving a tug on the long end of the ribbon, watching the scanty garment tumble to your ankles...