Review: Fetish Fantasy Silicone Spanking Paddle

 22/09/2020    spanking

We are taking this Fetish Fantasy Extreme Advanced Silicone Spanking Paddle for a test-drive on my poor unsuspecting bare bottom, so read on, and find out if it lives up to its stingy reputation.

Silicone rubber spanking paddles seem to be an interesting alternative to leather. As well as being vegan friendly and hypoallergenic, the material possesses a unique combination of very lively flex, coupled with a hard, high-density surface. The end result is reputed to be a firm impact that delivers a perfect combo of sting and thud. But, let's start our review by taking a look at some stats...

The weight of the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Advanced Silicone Spanking Paddle is around 175g, making it a fairly weighty toy. By comparison, that's more than twice the weight of our Fifty Shades "twitchy-palm" Paddle but about 90g lighter than our size 13 school plimsoll. Its length (including the handle) is 40cm, and the dangerous end is just a shade under 22cm by 7cm. If you prefer imperial measures, that's a striking surface of 8.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

Whilst the item is sold as 100% silicone, we noticed that magnets appear to stick to it, so presumably there is some sort of metal strip running through the centre. I've noticed that some leather spanking paddles are advertised with a carbon spring-steel core, and that might also be the case here. I've got absolutely no complaints about that, no doubt it adds a little extra weight, and I'm sure it plays an important part in the toy's super-springy response.

So far, so good. Amongst the line-up of Lovehoney spanking toys I'd suggest this aims to position itself at the upper end of both quality and severity. The material feels smooth and solid, and is finished to a more than adequate standard - in fact, it's really rather good.

Going Beyond First Impressions

We shared on Twitter that this review was coming, and responses ranged from "it's memorable" all the way to "be very apprehensive". On the Lovehoney site, highlights of the (currently 16) reviews include, "I've never felt a worse sting on my bum", "definitely not for the feint-hearted", and "a sting that you will not soon forget".

By reputation, silicone rubber spanking toys supposedly fall somewhere between leather and wood, sharing some of the flexibility and impact of a weighty leather implement, yet lacking the harsher bite of wooden spanking toys. That's all very interesting, of course, but I knew I'd be finding that out for myself soon enough!

The finish of the paddle is excellent, silky smooth, and it shares some of the delicious velvety touch that you get from other sexy silicone toys. One notable difference is that the surface feels quite hard. You can't easily dint it with a fingernail for example. If you're familiar with the softer, rubbery surface of your favourite silicone vibrators, you'll immediately notice this black silicone paddle is much firmer.

The surface is also beautifully moulded and textured. The most obvious feature is that one side is smooth and the other side has a raised diamond pattern. But, look closer and you'll see that the smooth side also features a raised stitching pattern around the edges, and this is continued for the length of the handle. These small details don't seem to have much, err- impact, on its performance, but attention to detail adds to the product's quality feel. The diamond side also has a slight ridge running around the edges.

If we had to be super critical, the handle feels quite thin. I suppose it would be great if the handle could be built up for a more ergonomic, rounded grip, but realistically it's not a big deal and you can at least take a little satisfaction knowing that your partner's hand is vaguely uncomfortable while they are stoking up a bonfire in your bottom!

Silicone rubber is actually a pretty fascinating material. Depending on the manufacturing process it can be hard or soft, stiff or flexible. Think of it's use in the kitchen, where it can happily withstand temperatures in excess of 200 Celsius. And, with that thought in mind, let's see if it can raise the temperature of my sweet derrière! ;-)

Putting It Through Its Paces

And so we come to the moment of truth. The moment where I discover whether the reviews on Lovehoney and the remarks on Twitter are mere hyperbole, or whether I am about to suffer the consequences of a very sore bottom indeed!

Erring on the side of caution, we first put it to the test over knickers and tight gym leggings. In my humble opinion I would describe it as closer to a stiff-leather implement than to a similar weighted wooden toy.

It's possible that initial experience lulled me into a false sense of security! Over clothing, in this case only thin lycra leggings and cotton knickers, there's just enough cushion to slightly dissipate the intensity of the sting. You can see from the moment-of-impact video capture above that the weight of the paddle creates a resounding shockwave that you can really feel. It stings in a pulse of sharp prickling, and there's a lingering, tingly warmth.

Exactly one week later, the paddle came back out again.

Applied firmly to your bare bottom, I can absolutely attest to the fact that the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Advanced Silicone Spanking Paddle takes on a whole new dimension! It's far, far more intense, and the impact that I'd previously described as a prickly tingle became more like what I'd describe as a deeply needling, smarting sting that lingers and builds with every new swat!

Since you can only glean so much from a written description of a spanking toy, let me help you by comparing it to a few other popular implements from our collection.

  • Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle &
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle
    Let's face it, these are both basically the same toy with a price variation to match the novel branding. In both cases you have a light leather paddle, with a mostly-harmless padded satin side on the reverse. These deliver a light, surface sting. This Silicone Spanking Paddle delivers a deeper and more intense sensation that lingers, building into a more cumulative effect.
  • Fetish Fantasy Advanced Singapore Stinger Paddle III
    This lightweight bamboo paddle is all about the sting! Used rapidly it can really whip up a sting in your bottom, especially on the bare, but it's very light, and I can't say that I ever fully agreed with all the fearsome reviews. I'd say this silicone paddle is much more worthy of the "stinger" name!
  • The Plimsollator-13 (Rubber soled plimsoll)
    The link above takes you to our rather fanciful review of a black, school-style, size 13 rubber plimsoll. This is a pretty close match in terms of sting, but it's about 100g heavier and I feel like it has a deeper, more penetrating thud. However, the plimsoll is broader and more flexible (but in a less 'springy' way, if that makes sense) and I think this silicone paddle feels more intense, with an impact that is harder and more focused.
  • Hubby's Right Hand, v1.0 ;-)
    The Fetish Fantasy Silicone Paddle is definitely a marked step up from your partner's right palm! Don't underestimate it, particularly on your bare bottom, and I'd probably have to agree with the reviews that say this Silicone Paddle probably shouldn't be your first spanking toy... build up to it gradually.

Hopefully that's helpful in placing this new toy into its proper context.


In a sentence, without any doubt this is a very worthy addition to our spanking toy collection! Over clothing it carries enough weight to create a wonderful, thuddy sting. Applied with progressive waves of force, over clothing, you could act out a very pleasurable erotic spanking scene.

On the bare the intensity ramps up very significantly. It has the same thud accompanied by a much more powerful sting, yet it somehow it manages to avoid the biting sting that you get from wooden paddles, or a traditional heavy wooden hairbrush.

Buy now, but don't say I didn't warn you: Fetish Fantasy Extreme Advanced Silicone Spanking Paddle

And to end our review... you'd like one more photo? Oh- go on then!! ;-)

Please spank responsibly. No bottoms were (seriously) harmed during the course of this product review.

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