Rene Rofe Hollywood Chemise, Rose Petals, and Rope

 26/01/2017    kinbaku

The Rene Rofe Hollywood Chemise was originally available in red and pink, and is a figure hugging chemise with beautiful lace detailing and a low scooped neckline to accentuate your cleavage. It's being discontinued, so be quick if you're longing to get your hands on it!

Feeling in the mood to play with some rope, a clingy red chemise, g-string, and glossy heels seemed like the perfect combination, and I certainly heard no complaints from Steve. This particular Rene Rofe Hollywood Chemise is discontinued, although still available in some sizes at the time of writing. There's also the Lovehoney Adore Me Chemise, which looks rather similar, also discontinued - but with more sizes still available.

It's all about the anticipation. Don't simply rush to get your partner all wrapped up. Take time to linger, to admire, to let your hands wander. Slowly guide your other half to where you need them to be. If you need time to think about what you are doing, make a virtue of your slowness. What you may lack in speed and fluidity, make up for with the slow, loving caress of your rope.

We have mentioned Esinem's Shibari Classes in previous articles and urge anyone interested in rope (or bondage of any kind) to check out the courses. If you do absolutely nothing else, take a few minutes to study this free Bondage Safety video course. There is good information available online, but also a wealth of bad advice on popular forums, and YouTube, but I feel very confident in the advice of Bruce Esinem.

As beginners we're in a phase of exploring the many possibilities with rope. Figuring out what is comfortable, what works and what doesn't. Together with some background reading and online courses, it feels as if the pieces are slowly coming together.

In the monochrome photo above, what might appear at first glance to be a basic "hogtie" position, is actually a futomomo style tie with each leg embraced within a spiral of rope. Those ties are then given more structure by a series of hitches along the crease of thigh and calf muscle. Wrists are loosely wrapped with a single column tie and the remaining rope is then woven into the wraps around my ankles and upper thighs.

It was an experiment - interesting, although not particularly comfortable. Ankles crossed seemed like it might have been a better alternative, so that is something we'll try next time, and we also decided to try incorporating crossed ankles into our next position.

A further observation, because I like the look and the secure feel of these thigh to calf ties (referred to as a "futomomo" in Kinbaku parlance) the next time we try this I want to be face up in a reclined position. I think that would be far more comfortable, and a much more accessible position!

Having a shibari ring mounted in the ceiling above the bed would have improved this tie immensely, but unfortunately the Steamybedtime household is currently lacking any such amenities. So above we have another experiment which was fun, but has lots of room for improvement.

In summary, should you with to recreate something similar, it began with a single column tie to ankles, tied off to the top-left corner of the bedhead. A single column tie to each wrist, with the working end of those two ropes wrapped under my hips and tied off at the ankles. A final rope then mirrors the first, tying off ankles to the top-right corner of the bedhead.

It felt restrictive and secure, but the downfall of the position is that there isn't very convenient access to anywhere interesting, assuming that you prefer not to risk stabbing your hubby in the eye with one of your heels! I find that sort of thing always tends to put a bit of a dampener on your evening.

On a positive note, it's given us some good ideas for the future, not least that we need a ring in the ceiling, and we loved the rose petals.

Back to the lingerie, the photo above shows the Rene Rofe Hollywood Chemise, from behind, highlighting the lace up detail behind the shoulders. Some lingerie that looks fabulous from the front can become a little underwhelming from the back, so it's good advice to always check every angle.

And, in our final photograph, we see the rose petal and rope aftermath. Silk rose petals look great, but be prepared for a few loose threads until you have used them a few times.


You'll have to accept our apologies for recommending a soon to be discontinued product. But be quick, and you might just get lucky! The chemise in the photos is the Rene Rofe Hollywood Chemise and we also referred to the fairly similar looking Lovehoney Adore Me Chemise.

Regarding the rope bondage, we highly recommend Esinem's Shibari Classes website, and we highlighted this free Bondage Safety video.

If you are a man reading this, remember Saint Valentine's day is fast approaching. Lovehoney have some lovely Babydolls and Chemises, and in a previous article we suggested matching them up with some stockings and naughty knickers. I'm wearing the "free" g-string in the photos above and you can see it's pretty basic. Sometimes light and flimsy is good, but often I'd pair this up with some nicer knickers. So, if you're planning a gift, add on some tasty accessories, and I'm sure your special lady will make it worth your while! ;-)

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