18. The Hojo Hitch

 07/05/2018    kinbaku

In week 18 of our Kinbaku52 photo-a-week project we've chosen this slightly cross-processed image with a dusky, vintage feel, and which highlights a knot known as a hojo hitch.

This hitch is something that we originally reverse engineered it from watching a Yukimura Haruki tribute video. Since then we've seen it described as a hojo hitch, and as a captured loop.

This post forms part of a personal photo-a-week project that we're calling #kinbaku52. We hope you find it entertaining, but please note that we are not qualified to give guidance or instruction. Seek in-person training from a professional, or try online courses such as those at ShibariClasses.

We've mainly used it for decorative leg lacing, and to use up excess rope in a creative and aesthetic manner.

There's a slip-knot aspect to this tie so it's important to consider how tension will be applied to the knot and to the surrounding lines. In the example above, pulling on the wrap that circles Judy's thigh would slacken and ultimately untie the knot.

It's an easy technique to learn and I think a handy method to have at your disposal.


Tracker from the YouTube account Innovative Fiber Arts gives a great description in the video below:

It seems to be a pretty versatile knot that can be functional as well as decorative. We've mainly used it as a decorative lacing feature, but we've also used the loops to create a legs-open bed spreadeagle and it forms a very vulnerable tie that has endless naughty opportunities.

Take a look at Esinem-Rope for a great selection of shibari supplies.

Next week we're enjoying the simple pleasures of dishevelment and taking advantage of your partner whilst they are joyfully helpless to resist...

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