Tease Furry Handcuffs (And a Small Modification)

 16/10/2016    bondage

Furry handcuffs are the ubiquitous starting point for many couples excited to indulge in some light bedroom bondage. These Tease Furry Handuffs are great, but the safety catch on both of our pairs released with just the lightest of touches. We love them, they're great quality and quite as comfortable as they need to be, but if you find you too have a problem with sensitive safety catches, this might be helpful. Twelve months on it's still working very nicely for us...

Just what is it that's so great about furry handcuffs?

In the heights of passion you breathlessly reach for the toy drawer of your bedside table and grab a couple of pairs of Furry Handcuffs. Astride your eager lover, they tentatively offer up their wrists to the secure embrace of faux fur and steel. You hear the click-click-click of metal on metal, the teeth of the handcuff snapping into place, first around each of their wrists, then locked to each corner of the bedframe. Click-click-click.

This is it, the sensation is as if almost dizzy with anticipation. You are fully in control and the fun begins. Start by teasing them with a touch so delicate, and with fingertips slowly exploring, caressing, exchanging knowing smiles with your oh so willing prisoner. Your hands begin to slide down lower on their bare skin, stomach, hips, thigh. Then to their inner-thigh. Your lover's eyes are full of desire and anticipation, their hands explore the limits of freedom, feeling the resisting tug of the locked cuffs. Escape is surely impossible.

Lying helpless, they feel your magical touch sending shudders of delighted pleasure through their body. Suddenly their wrist brushes the corner of the pillowcase and - pop! The spell is broken as the handcuff safety catch (with its hair-trigger response) allows their hand to spring free.

And with our apologies, I'm afraid that's where this story ends. Nobody likes a premature release, and after a couple of similar mishaps, it occurred to us that it could be very easily remedied. The problem being that the safety catch is very sensitive. After a couple of experiments we hit upon what we're calling "the loom-band solution".

In a conventional handcuff, the act of turning the key lifts back a spring loaded locking lever, releasing it from the notched teeth of the shackle, and thus allowing it to swing open on the hinge. In this style of fun bedroom handcuff, the mechanism is quite similar, but the safety lever is linked to the key action. Turn the key, the lever moves too. We found a couple of black loom bands twisted together seem to stay in place really well and provide just the right amount of additional tension to prevent the lever being pressed accidentally.

Simply thread through the eyelet of the cuff where it links to the chain, twist around to tidy it up, and loop over the safety catch. The key and safety catch work exactly as before, but now just a little more pressure is required to unlock the cuff.

Perhaps the more obvious alternative to this Blue Peter style solution would be to simply upgrade to a more serious handcuff, such as these Fetish Fantasy Double Lock Police Handcuffs. Absolutely a legitimate suggestion, and undoubtedly a better solution, but for two pairs coming in together at around £60, we initially went with the DIY solution. It was a bargain upgrade.

Talking of one pair vs two, while we both love a wrists to opposite bedposts position, don't forget sideways across the bed has a lot going for it. You might need to be a little more creative in finding a solid anchor point, but on our kingsize mattress this places your hips beautifully in line with the edge of the bed. We'll leave the rest to your imagination!

If you don't already have some handcuffs in your toy drawer, we'd absolutely recommend these Tease Furry Handcuffs as the perfect introduction, and when you're feeling more adventurous, move on to a couple of pairs of the Fetish Fantasy Double Lock Cuffs.

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