Sinful Sunday 368

 29/04/2018    lingerie

Our submission to Sinful Sunday 368 was taken a couple of nights ago for a bodystocking review, but the bold symmetry of this close-up really caught my eye.

Fishnets and Lace

As a brief aside, we decided to tidy up the logo / watermark that we display on our photography and to lose the URL overlay that has traditionally appeared at the lower left of all our photos. The logo is now about 50% smaller and has improved kerning. Because the URL is no longer visible, we've added a small and slightly transparent "" underneath. That additional originally used the same font as the logo, but it wasn't very clear, so we switched to a plain sans font in semi-bold italic.

We hope it's an improvement, but any feedback would be welcome. :-)

Our image this week comes from a photoset that we took a few days ago for this blog post: Lovehoney Black Fishnet and Lace Bodystocking.

Our submitted image this week is very nearly a pure black and white, but in post there is a very lightly tinted monochrome effect. I loved the symmetry and we went quite heavy on the contrast with the aim of emphasising the structure. Lead-In Lines are a classic compositional technique and light from an overhead spot creating the "V" below the taught fabric at the hem felt as if it drew my eye to the central seam.

It was tempting to digitally correct the wavy seam, but we left it alone!

The lighting wasn't perfect (we've been trying to rely more on available light with less use of strobes) and the shallow depth of field comes from being shot with a 50mm prime lens at f1.4. It's a very simple image, but I have to say that I rather like it. :-)

Grab your fishnets and see what's the catch of the day over at Sinful Sunday 368...

Sinful Sunday

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