Sexy Robes and Kimonos

 09/02/2017    lingerie

Think sexy lingerie and you probably think first of bra and pantie sets, floaty babydolls and corsets, but Robes and Kimonos are a fantastic (although all too easily overlooked) addition to your collection.

Over the last couple of years we've accumulated a fairly extensive lingerie collection, but could probably do with a couple more lightweight robes. They're sexy and versatile, particularly the patterned satin variety, which are modest enough to wear while your housemaid brings you breakfast in bed... I wish!

As a hint to any husbands and boyfriends who may be reading this - they also make a lovely romantic gift! ;-)

The Kiss Me Sheer Lace Kimono and Thong Set in my photo above is a soft, smooth lace, quite silky to the touch. As you can see, it's fairly transparent whilst still highlighting the patterned black lace fabric. Whether you choose to wear it over other lingerie, or simply over your own naked curves, it's very revealing and is sure to get you and your partner in the mood.

If you follow the link above, the item is shown with a pair of lace briefs, but ours came with a black thong that has a daring ribbon fastening either side. That style of thong is not the easiest to put on, but is very easy to take off... even if you happen to be a little tied up at the time; if you know what I mean. Certainly my hubby is a big fan of these. Simply apply a gentle tug on the ribbon and your knickers are at your ankles in the blink of an eye!

In the links below we've picked out a few current favourites:

Lovehoney Midnight Bloom Satin Robe (£35)

Absolutely gorgeous, and at the time of writing it is part of a £20 lingerie offer - so don't delay!

Kiss Me Sheer Lace Kimono and Thong Set (£25)

Light and floaty black lace reveals what lies beneath!

Lovehoney Short Satin Robe Black (£20)

Timeless, glossy black satin robe, short enough to reveal plenty of thigh!

We have two of these shorty style robes. The Kiss Me Lace Kimono from Lovehoney and another that came from Hong Kong (via Amazon) but it looks very similar in style and length to this Midnight Bloom Satin Robe.

The combination of satin and rope is delightful, if that sort of thing happens to be your cup of tea. Not only is it reminiscent of many images you see of erotic Japanese rope art, but also the silky smooth fabric can easily be slid against skin and rope, permitting the tantalising sensation of your partner partially disrobing you of your robe whilst the ropes remain in place. What's not to love? :-)

But even if ropey kinkiness is not your thing, you have a robe that looks and feels fantastic. Cool and smooth against your skin, sexy and yet modest enough to also use day-to-day as a lightweight wraparound whilst lounging around the house.


We've been highlighting two of our favourite style of sexy robes in this article - the Midnight Bloom Satin Robe and the Kiss Me Lace Kimono. The satin robe would perhaps make a nicer gift, but the lace kimono is beautiful in all of its revealing transparency. But check out the Robes and Kimonos over at Lovehoney for a much wider range of choices.

Shibari Classes is a UK site specialising in high quality online tuition of Japanese rope bondage. There's no better way to get yourself off to a good (and safe!) start.

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