Seven 'til Midnight Fishnet Leg Harness Hold-ups

 12/05/2018    lingerie

In a perfect collision of sexy, and quite a bit of naughty, see what we think of these Seven 'til Midnight Fishnet Leg Harness Hold-Ups from Lovehoney.

I'll have to start by saying I have slightly mixed views on these Seven 'til Midnight Fishnet Leg Harness Hold-Ups. On the plus side I think they look great. Yes, perhaps they look a bit sleazy, but if you're planning to flaunt your legs and tease your fella, that can only be a good thing! ;-) For naughty bedroom wear they are very comfortable, super stretchy, and I've found them to be a really nice fit.

Unfortunately, on the negative side, the round gold 'buttons' that decorate the harness hold-up are quite poorly glued on (at least on the pair I received) and one fell off as we quite carefully removed them from the packaging. There are also traces of a stringy looking transparent glue around the hold-up straps.

This item was supplied by Lovehoney in return for an honest review. We've had the product for around 1 week and this article is an accurate account based on our usage and opinions of it so far. If there's any change to that opinion, we'll write up a new review and link to it here. (9 May 2018)
UPDATE: Two more of the brass buttons fell off and we decided it would be easier to pick the rest off too. It's a bit of a disappointment, but the plain straps actually look fine. (12 May 2018)

Bearing in mind the first impressions above, let's take a look at the product in a bit more detail.

In the photo above, the Seven 'til Midnight Hold-Ups are paired with a Fever Sexy Cop Dress, also from Lovehoney. The strappy harness that form the hold-ups has a bit of a kinky bondage look to it and we thought it worked well with this fancy dress "cop" outfit. The hubby suggested my Classified Schoolgirl Set which I also think would be fun with fishnets and black heels for a very naughty St Trinian's style look.

The handcuffs you see here are NIJ approved, double-lock stainless steel handcuffs from Nordhandel in Germany. We wrote about them in a lot more detail in this earlier article: Real Handcuffs vs Furry Handcuffs.

The harness hold-up needs a little care when putting them on. My first attempt got my foot through the side and somehow the whole thing got twisted around! So, the lesson is, take a few seconds to check that each strap is free from twists and make sure you get your leg in the right opening.

Once on they seem to hold in place very well; I've worn them for a couple of hours without any slips. Personally I'll probably reserve these for the bedroom, or for fancy dress / role-play, but if you're feeling naughty they certainly could be worn dress and the tight fishnet pattern would look fab - just be prepared to flash a bit of thigh!

Overall my view is that I really want to like the Seven 'til Midnight Fishnet Leg Harness Hold-Ups, but I'm just left with that niggle over the loose gold caps. With that in mind, I guess my recommendation is a cautious thumbs up (it's Lovehoney, and there is zero hassle returning stuff) but if you do buy a pair, be sure to give them a good once over to make sure everything's holding together.


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