Oral Sex Pocket Guide: The Craving Captive

 28/02/2017    oral

We revisit the Lovehoney Oral Sex Pocket Guide in this article and try out the position they call "The Craving Captive" with its delightful blend of exposing spreadeagle bondage and teasing tongue action.

We previously wrote up a review of this book by choosing a position suggestion for each other and putting them to the test on consecutive evenings. You can find that review here: Oral Sex Pocket Guide. It's a pretty good source of ideas, and fun to browse as a couple; think of it as a pocket sized catalogue of oral delights.

I was thrilled a few nights ago to find the hubby had left it out on my pillow, a homemade bookmark three-quarters of the way inside with a note that asked, "Wish you were here?"

The page he bookmarked was titled The Craving Captive and the accompanying photo showed a lucky young lady tied to an armchair with silky scarves, while her eager man looked like he was ready to head downstairs and eat some peach! ;-)

Lacking any kind of suitable armchair, the bedroom was the best option for us, and a classic "X" spreadeagle the perfect position. If you've explored our blog, you'll know our penchant for rope, but these Bondage Boutique Soft Wrist Cuffs and Bondage Boutique Ankle Cuffs are super comfortable and convenient, whilst still holding you very securely.

The combo of bedroom bondage and oral sex is fabulous. Just lie back and let your partner enjoy the dominant feeling of being able to pleasure you while you are helpless and deliciously exposed to their mouth, tongue and fingers. If you're anything like me, it's about time the hubby did something useful around the house while I can just totally relax! Sorry dear, did I say that out loud? ;-)

Without completely giving away suggestions from the Oral Sex Pocket Guide, the theme of The Craving Captive is not to dive in headlong, but to build anticipation through teasing - and it offers a few good suggestions along those lines. We used our Bondage Boutique Soft Wrist Cuffs and Bondage Boutique Ankle Cuffs, secured with some Bondage Boutique Soft Cotton Rope. I'm not a big fan of the attached trigger-clips, and you're better advised to simply tie off to the attached "D" ring.

If you go down the slow teasing route, you might like to keep a few toys close by. Feather ticklers, a light flogger, bullet vibrator, massage oil or lube, might all come in very handy.

We said in our previous review of Oral Sex Pocket Guide that the best thing about it was that it gives you a nudge to really lavish some oral attention on each other - we stand by that thought. Oral sex is a fab part of foreplay of course, but make sure you're also giving it some space as a standalone act.

I also highly recommend the idea of leaving it (bookmarked) for your lover to discover, in bed, on their pillow, or elsewhere. It's a really nice way to extend the anticipation and you'll be longing for action. At random times throughout the day I would suddenly remember the book, and the excitement steadily builds. You'll just have to hope that your cleaning lady, cats, house-guests, etc, don't find it before you do!


Fantasies of sex and bondage are extremely popular, but for many couples oral sex and bondage quite often works out better in reality. You're more naturally in a single position for the duration and if your partner is heavier built than you, there's less chance of awkward weight distribution.

In this earlier article we described our approach to bedroom bondage. If your bed appears not to have any natural anchor points for wrists and ankles, you might find some of the suggestions very helpful.

And, once you've exhausted all the suggestions in this Oral Sex Pocket Guide (and exhausted yourselves in the process I hope!) here are some similar book suggestions...

If you've read this far, I'd say you're definitely ready to grab the rope and handcuffs and get naughty with your partner... Enjoy! :-)

Oral Sex Pocket Guide

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