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 26/10/2016    oral

The Oral Sex Pocket Guide is a compact Kama Sutra style guide for aficionados in the fine art of giving head; 25 positions for her, and 25 for him. Get creative around your house on beds, chairs and tables, with suggestions for technique alongside each position. Everything's very approachable, you won't need to be a double-jointed yoga student to get into any of the positions. A couple of their suggestions do involve additional items, from ice cubes to mini-vibrators, and some light bondage, but mostly you'll just require yourself and a willing partner.

There's an old joke, "Describe the worst blowjob you've ever had... Fabulous!" But that cliche is not entirely true, and at the very least, there are always ways to add variety and explore new sensation. We've always been a little sceptical of guides and "top-tips" style articles that promise much, but often fail to deliver anything new. This little book of oral sex felt like a slight gamble (admittedly it was partly to tip a small order over the £30 threshold for a free delivery) and turned out to be a really good buy. Best of all, it's great fun to read together, and so much more interesting than browsing the Argos catalogue!

I'm sure we're not alone in finding that oral sex can often become an aspect of foreplay, rather than standing as an act in its own right. Perhaps our biggest takeaway from reading this book has been a gentle nudge to remind us that taking the time to devote yourself entirely to your partner's pleasure, is an act of beautiful intimacy. Sensuous and nuanced, you can allow yourself to taken by a mood of hungry intensity, or you might lean towards slow, luxurious passion.

And of course, giving is it's own reward. Seeing and feeling your partner's pleasure swell as their arousal builds. Do you want to delicately tease them to orgasm, or overwhelm them with a tidal wave of pleasure? Have you learned to read their responses well enough so that you can hold them tantalisingly on the brink of climax, before tipping them over the edge into toe-curling ecstasy?

We found that this little book of oral sex was a pretty good source of ideas. There are 25 positions for her, and 25 for him, which should be plenty to keep us busy for a while.

Naturally, to give it a fair review we felt that the only option would be to choose a position for each other and give it a whirl. The compact format makes it easy to peruse, and whilst the photographic depictions are somewhat fake, the production quality is great. The couples are all good looking and it's tastefully shot in a very luxurious location. Some detailed drawings are mixed amongst the photographs, and these are rather more explicit. Every description comes with specific explanations and tips.

  • Steve: "I chose for Judy and picked out The Kitty Kat. It's towards the end of the book."
  • Judy: "For Steve I chose The Windshield Wiper, which is the first position in the book."

As the saying goes - ladies before gentlemen, so Judy comes first...

Without giving away too much of the book's contents, the principle of the Kitty Cat is to replicate a "lapping milk from a bowl" type of tongue motion. It's a technique that seems quite leisurely, but the pleasure and intensity build rapidly. The book suggests leaning back against the headboard, but we went for an across the bed position (hips on the edge of the mattress) enabling Steve to kneel on the floor with his head at the perfect height.

"Make her purr as you lap up everything her juicy pussy has to offer. Your quick consistent tongue strokes will make her quiver with delight and prolong her arousal, carrying her from one orgasm to the next."

And yes, it really hit the spot! You won't hear any complaints about Steve's usual moves or enthusiasm, but here is a technique that absolutely must become part of his future repertoire.

The name of The Windshield Wiper betrays the American heritage of the book. But whether you think of it as a windscreen or a windshield, the idea here is to incorporate a side-to-side motion across your partner's frenulum, combined with gentle sucking, and small head movements to vary the position and the focus of the sensations.

"Make him crave your touch long after you're gone by exciting one of his hottest spots with your most sensual muscle: your tongue."

We also gave this a try in the bedroom, and this time did adopt their position suggestion of male partner kneeling and leaning back against the headboard. It's natural for his arms to come to rest side to side along the top of the headboard and it's a position that would lend itself to some bedroom bondage, but on this occasion our focus was elsewhere.

Steve was a huge fan of this technique, describing it as a slow but very inevitable sensation of growing pleasure. Great for teasing, keep your eyes on your partner and watch him squirm with delight.

In summary, we think this Oral Sex Pocket Guide is great value and definitely worth a read. However much you feel you already know, it's never a bad thing to refocus your attention and really think about your technique. That's the real benefit we felt we took away from the book. If oral sex is already an active part of your love life, just slow it down a little and introduce some small variations, and see how it goes for you.

Or maybe your perspective is different, and perhaps you wish you and your partner dedicated more time to going down; let's face it, who wouldn't want more oral sex? Well in that case, this book is a soft, very approachable guide, and does a good job of selling the erotic intimacy of the act in a way that's not going to scare off an inexperienced partner.

If this sounds appealing, there are other books you might like to take a look at:

But for now, this small, pocket guide represents our only oral sex guide book and we're pretty sure the Oral Sex Pocket Guide was the right choice for us. There's no preliminaries or backstory, it simply launches straight into the techniques and positions. Whilst some of those options above may be more detailed, this budget priced book also caters for both partners in a single guide.

Of the 50 suggestions in total, probably about half of them appealed to us. Obviously that's going to be a matter of personal taste, but it definitely feels like we've got our money's worth. Feel rest assured that it has the Steamybedtime seal of approval...

Oral Sex Pocket Guide: The Craving Captive

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