Lovehoney Sheer Suspender Bodystocking

 06/06/2018    lingerie

One of my favourite things about this Lovehoney Sheer Suspender Bodystocking (and bodystockings in general) is that you have a complete sexy ensemble all in one convenient garment.

When I think of the hours of my life that I've wasted over the years fighting a seemingly futile battle with infuriating fastenings on suspenders and uncooperative stocking tops, it's not hard to see the appeal of a bodystocking with its built in suspenders!

In this blog post we're taking a close up look at this item:

I should probably add that if wearing the garment in a real-life bedroom seduction type scenario, I'd forgo the knickers (or go with a crotchless style) as it's obviously hard to remove them once the bodystocking is on. Pragmatic readers may suggest "wear the knickers on top", but rightly or wrongly I find it just too weird to think about wearing knickers over the top of suspender straps. (I speak as I find, so please don't judge me!)

This black bodystocking features a halterneck in floral patterned black lace. It does involve a rear fastener at the neck, but I found it nice and easy to put on; no additional assistance required, so it's great for surprising your other half!

The smooth black fabric is clingy and very complimentary, with your eye naturally drawn to the lace detailing. Whilst the product name describes it as "sheer", I personally found it to be a relatively opaque fabric in the main body, and the stockings are a mid-denier that also appear fairly dark under natural room lighting.

That's not a criticism, I think it looks great, but just don't read the word sheer and expect it to be semi-transparent.

The lace suspender detail is lovely. It's only been worn a couple of times and I can't speak for its long-term strength, but the stitching looks good and I think it's probably going to last quite well.

If you've looked at the rest of our blog, it probably can't have escaped your attention that I do love a good "spanky" from time to time. My hubby loved the lace hem and the trim around the stocking tops, so if your other-half is anything like him, he'll be sure of an extra-sexy visual treat as you lay down over his lap!

If that does happen to be your thing, panties (worn below) can only be pulled down as low as the stockings, but I find that quite a cute look. Either way, this would undoubtedly look fabulous under the right roleplay fancy dress uniform.

Sexy, comfortable, flattering... drives the hubby bonkers! It ticks all the boxes for me and I have to say I'm delighted with this latest addition to my rapidly growing bodystocking collection. :-)


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