Lovehoney Crotchless Lace Boyshorts

 10/01/2017    lingerie

In the Steamybedtime household Judy chills out in a pair of Lovehoney Crotchless Lace Boyshorts, setting the scene for more fun to follow. They're very sexy of course, but also surprisingly comfortable, and the open crotch is not really obvious... until you lie down!

We are big fans of Lovehoney's boyshorts. They're far more comfortable than thongs and g-strings, without really sacrificing anything in the sexiness department. The lace in these Lovehoney Crotchless Lace Boyshorts is very good quality and has a silky sheen to it that looks and feels great. They have the familiar red ribbon detailing, with a bow at the front and a decorative lace-up 'V' shape at the back.

On this particular evening we were planning to get naughty with some rope, but when he saw what I'd been wearing, Steve couldn't resist getting a few photos first. Naturally I was more than happy to oblige him.

If you're not already familiar with this style of crotchless panties, the gusset is split so that it rides comfortably either side of your lips. Great in the bedroom, you can also feel pretty naughty while wearing them under your everyday clothes. When you wear them on a date night, it's up to you whether you tease your partner, telling him exactly what you're wearing under your dress, or keep them a secret to be revealed later in the evening.

We found we had to be very careful with the angle of the photo above. A little further to the right and you'd have had quite an eyeful. ;-) But, as much as I enjoy a bit of underwear modelling, I was already eyeing up the rope, and I knew Steve would certainly be well aware of my desires.

By way of a short aside to these naughty undies, we've been finding that tying in front of a mirror is a fun way to add to the intimacy. As your lover securely entwines you in the embrace of their rope, eye contact is increased, and you can savour every moment as you watch your naked body becoming a helplessly bound canvas for this erotic art.

As beginners to Japanese rope bondage, it's also a way for us to better observe our technique. Like any complex skill, it requires a lot of learning and practice before you begin to reach a reasonable level of proficiency. We love the photo above, but acknowledge there are many imperfections - all the more reason to spend more time practising.

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

Steve even insisted that I should take off my sexy knickers, just so that he wouldn't be distracted by them. When it comes to artistic integrity, you have to admire that degree of commitment from your man.

As we begin, I relax and enjoy the caress of his rope upon my skin. I can feel the sweet anticipation of his lustful gaze and lie back into his cradling embrace. Then I watch his hands begin to explore my body. Unable to either resist or reciprocate, there is nothing else to do except surrender to the pleasure of his touch... but that's a whole other story! ;-)

Products in this Article

We have been reviewing the Lovehoney Crotchless Lace Boyshorts. We chose them as part of a 2 for £15 knickers offer, and that represents great value. Individually, maybe not quite so good, so definitely indulge yourselves and choose two pairs rather than one.

The rope in the photo above is Okinawa jute from Esinem-Rope, which we have reviewed in a couple of previous articles.

The "success is a journey" quotation is attributed to Arthur Ashe.

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