Sofa Hogtie Improvisation

 04/01/2017    kinbaku

A second opportunity for some playtime with our newly treated Okinawa jute resulted in this variation of a hogtie on the sofa, which Judy found almost too comfortable. Steve admits he may have gone a bit overboard with the decorative wrapping!

We started out with a very open minded plan, knowing we wanted to try a tie on the sofa involving hands and feet, but with arms to the side rather than behind the back. The result is this very relaxed position, beautifully immobilising, despite having been tied fairly loosely. As we highlighted in our previous rope article (Preparation of Okinawa Jute Rope) we are beginners, and these stories are simply a means for us to share a journal of our learning process as we gain experience. Feedback via email or Twitter, etc, is always very welcome.

The outfit warn by Judy in these photos is a Lovehoney Escante Satin and Lace Babydoll and a matching g-string. We have to point out it's been discontinued, which is a pity because it's a lovely item. But, if you follow this alternative link to Babydolls and Chemises, and take a look at the Spoil Me and Dreamgirl range of satin chemises, there are some gorgeous (and some fairly similar) alternatives.

We started with a double-column tie on Judy's ankles, leaving the standing end of the rope to trail loosely for the time being...

Then we created this chicken-wing style tie, starting with a single-column Somerville bowline at the wrist. We used separate ropes for each arm, which left loads to spare, so we went on to create a decorative wrapping behind the shoulders...

Now we were ready to complete the basic hogtie, and again we used the surplus rope to create some decorative wrapping.

Looks like the back of my satin babydoll must have been "accidentally" raised up by Steve - surely that can't have been deliberate? ;-)

With only three ropes used so far, we still had plenty of scope to add some additional wraps...

A fourth rope forms a single-column wrap around both upper and lower legs, with a simple lacing around the shins in a gently cinched double-column tie. The remaining rope forms another decorative piece of wrapping towards the ankles. Maybe we got a bit carried away with the wrappings, but we both liked it.

It's only the second time we've used the Okinawa rope, we're more than happy with it, and it really does feel like it's starting to loose it's initial stiffness.

In the final image from this set, you can see the fabulous marks shaped by the relatively tight lay of the Okinawa.

Products from this article

We highly recommend checking out Esinem-Rope, and we also mentioned satin Babydolls and Chemises which seem to look so good with rope!

Via YouTube, we use this method for the Somerville Bowline, from Wykd Dave: Wykd Dave's Somerville Bowline Method. It's a nice tutorial for a knot that often seems difficult to explain. Also checkout this video from Esinem, discussing the directionality of single column ties: Effect of Direction on Shibari Single Column Tie.

For more of Bruce Esinem's online teaching, check out the Shibari Classes website. There's a wealth of solid advice for beginners, and plenty of material that is too advanced for us so far - but would certainly help out those with more experience.

If you like the idea of a hogtie position, but rope isn't your thing, if you check out this link to Lovehoney's Wrist and Ankle Restraints, you can buy "easy" hogtie kits. The disadvantage might be that it's far less comfortable if your wrists are literally tied to your ankles, but it depends what you're looking for!

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