Sinful Sunday 334

 03/09/2017    vibrator

This month's Sinful Sunday theme is "blue" although Judy certainly didn't have the blues after some restrained playtime with a magic wand. We were also experimenting with a new approach to ankle restraints; more info below.

Electra Vibe in Blue

Terrible puns aside (refer to Electra Glide in Blue if you are not a stalwart fan of 1970's road movies) this week we got out the wrist and ankle cuffs for some intense wand-based fun. We had also decided to try out a new approach for ankle positioning that turned out to be super flexible. It was simple to set up in advance and it meant that starting from quite a strict spreadeagle, we could have easily made some adjustments if it had become necessary, and without particularly spoiling the mood.

Armed with a magic wand in one hand and a camera in the other, the hubby set to work! I find the intensity of a wand builds very quickly for me and over the course of a couple of dozen photos I feel like I can replay almost every moment. From gentle, conversational teasing and laughter, through the contorted silence of an agonisingly joyful buildup, to a desperate shuddering climax, body rolling, hands and feet straining at their bonds... until eventually I had to call a halt.

Of all the photos I think this one best captures the latter moments. Back arched, discovering the impossibility of trying to twist away, and I love the sense of motion that's visible in the head of the wand.

We've discussed our approaches to bedroom bondage in earlier articles, for example: Bedroom Bondage DIY Steel Ring Anchor Points. This has served us very well, but I think our approach below has some interesting potential...

For wrists in this photo we are using a simple accessory cord loop that normally tucks out of sight below the mattress and is permanently pre-tied to the correct length. For an ankle cuff with a trigger clip we would normally tie off to the bottom corner of the bed with a couple of loose lengths of accessory cord. However, the hubby had recently bought a length of marine grade stainless steel chain from Toolstation. It comes in a 2.5m length and secures perfectly over our kingsize mattress, securing to the bed-frame with a couple of steel quick-links. We have already come up with a couple of nice refinements to this approach, and we'll write up a separate blog post about that in due course.

Wave your wand and magic yourself over to the Sinful Sunday website to see this week's other sinful photos.

Sinful Sunday

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