Lovehoney Ultra Powerful Love Egg

 30/01/2017    vibrator

There is something delightfully kinky about remote controlled vibrators, being free to hand control of the toy over to your lover, and this Lovehoney Ultra Powerful Love Egg definitely does not disappoint. Add some restraints into the mix and some very naughty fun can really get started.

We recently reviewed the We-Vibe 4 Plus couples vibrator, which is a deluxe product with a very clever smartphone app to control all aspects of its vibration patterns. But, whilst it scores well on high tech controllability, it's a bit lacking in pure "oomph" when it comes to the vibrations themselves.

In contrast, the Lovehoney Ultra Powerful Love Egg is a budget priced item with a simple wired remote and just seven vibration patterns. However, if you're looking for a remote control toy and are greedy for power, it really does excel in that department. In fact, it's really surprisingly powerful given its small size, and you have to say it is well deserving of that "ultra powerful" moniker.

Click the link above for a roundup of its key features, but in summary - it's very powerful, can be used internally or externally, takes two AA batteries, has a single button control that cycles through the patterns, and it switches on/off with a long press of the button.

If you're looking for an example play scenario, our idea here was for me to retain control of the remote whilst being securely bound, hand and foot, to an upright chair. It takes several minutes to organise the ropes, and by then you're nicely accustomed to the vibration levels. Once you're helpless to resist, surrender control of the remote to your partner, and let him take you the rest of the way!

Obviously that's just one option, and it's great for solo use too. Under jeans you can wear it discreetly and keep the remote in your pocket, or insert it during a sensual massage to give that experience a whole new dimension. It's not particularly quiet, I suppose because of its power, so you will need some degree of privacy - or some very broad minded friends.

From exploring the rest of our website you will probably have guessed that we love indulging in some artistic nude photography. It really is great fun to try as a couple. The rope above is Okinawa Jute from Esinem-Rope. Great quality and it photographs beautifully. To learn more about erotic Japanese rope bondage, take a look at the courses on the Shibari Classes website.

Alongside the Lovehoney Ultra Powerful Love Egg, the hotpants you see featured in the photographs are Music Legs Zip Up Shorts. They're a textured wet-look fabric, quite stretchy and feel very comfortable to wear. Obviously they have the zip... it goes all the way back, completely opening up the crotch area. It's a metal zip, which looks great alongside the clingy black fabric, but please do take care, for obvious reasons!


We are very happy to recommend the Lovehoney Ultra Powerful Love Egg both as a couple, and for solo play. It's got all the power you would expect from its "ultra powerful" brand name and often shows up in special offers, or 2-for deals.

Take care when inserting the batteries because it's not very obvious which way around they are supposed to go in. Apart from that, we really can't fault the product. Give it a try!

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