Lovehoney Dirty Devil Bundle

 31/10/2018    lingerie

Whether you're feeling horny, or love a bit of tail, or just enjoy a good fork, then this Lovehoney Dirty Devil Bundle will certainly fire you up.

As a fairly recent convert to body-stockings and mini-dresses, I was pleased to see that in this Dirty Devil bundle you're getting a red fishnet body-stocking with an hour-glass shaped panel at the front, combined with an accessory pack that turns the item into a sexy devil outfit. It means you're getting double-value, as the item is both a regular body-stocking and also a fun outfit for some devilish fun.

In a brief aside before our review, they do say that the devil has all the best thongs (and maybe some of the best songs too!) and our favourite picks of the latter would probably have to be:

But anyhoo, onto the review...

We previously reviewed this black fishnet and lace bodystocking, also from Lovehoney: Black Fishnet and Lace Bodystocking.

The body-stocking is a very complimentary design. The semi-sheer panel at the front has an hour-glass pattern that emphasises the shape of your waist and hips, and the rest of the garment is a bold fishnet fabric with the pattern fairly tightly spaced. The stockings and back are entirely fishnet; only the front features the shaped fabric panel.

The red colour is lovely, and whether you're using it in this devil kit, or wearing it on its own, it's a gorgeous item, and looks to be very well made.

The accessories kit is quite good too. The sequinned horns are attached to a plastic headband and are nicely padded, which gives them a great shape. The fork is a cloth covered plastic rod with a sequinned felt fork shape at the end. Then we come to the tail... looks great, but I could find no sensible way to attach it to anything. It has an elastic loop at the end, which is approximately wrist sized, but I don't really want a wrist-tail, and if you loop it onto the back of your knickers it just flops about and catches between your thighs.

Overall, I love the horned headband and the fork is great for teasing, and occasional prods. Perfect timing for Halloween and ideal for some wicked bedroom temptations! :-)


Here we've been taking a look at this Dirty Devil bundle, and we've previously reviewed a couple more body-stockings.

And remember this item does not come with any knickers (not even a free g-string!) so remember to add a suitable pair to your basket... unless you plan to go commando! ;-)

And if you are devilishly naughty (like me) you might just end up with a red bottom to go with it! ;-)

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