First Impressions of the We-Vibe 4 Plus

 18/01/2017    vibrator

Santa brought me the beautifully presented We-Vibe 4 Plus in my stocking this year, and after the first couple of weeks these are our first impressions of this luxury, remote controlled couples vibrator.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus seems to be mainly marketed at couples in long distance relationships who want to indulge themselves with remotely control orgasms, and also as a vibe that can be worn during sex. However, it's also full of more kinky potential, from secretly wearing it public, handing the controls over to your partner, wearing it during a spanking, or while you're tied up... the naughty possibilities are endless.

When we first started our blog, we promised ourselves we would never talk about "packaging", but if you'll permit us just one sentence, this item is probably the nicest presented toy we have ever purchased. (That's it - now back onto something useful.)

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is small and lightweight; about the size of your palm. There's a distinct button on the larger, external section, which easily switches it on or off, and cycles through the patterns. However, if you plan to pair it with your mobile phone (and that would be our recommendation) you only need to press it once during the initial Bluetooth pairing process, then you can control everything from your phone.

It comes with a small handheld remote, which we haven't used, but it does seem to offer the essential on/off, pattern forward/backward, power up/down controls that you would expect. The mobile app is so much better though, and so far I don't really see why we'd ever use the more basic remote.

Our one criticism of the We-Vibe 4 Plus would be in regard to its power. If your preference is for magic wands and deep, rumbly vibration, you are likely to find this is quite light and buzzy, even on its strongest settings. It's too early to say for sure, but we're leaning towards it being an apéritif rather than the main course.

Its main virtue may turn out to be it's flexibility as a really high quality remote control toy. In the photo above (featuring Lovehoney Flirty Lace Boyshorts, one of my favourites!) Steve tied on a very simple crotch rope with a pleasure knot sitting directly on the clit section of the vibrator. The single return lines nestle against either side of the toy and everything is held exactly where it needs to be. Gently tugging the central rope increases the pressure and provides new and varied sensations.

You can easily see that in a more tightly restrained scenario, combined with the pleasure of the rope itself, and feeling your partners touch, the slightly lower power of the We-Vibe could actually act in its favour as a means of eliciting slow and teasing pleasure. Forced to watch, helpless to resist the pleasure, you might see your partner toying with the app, slowly easing up the intensity... oh yes, we'll be reporting back on that one! ;-)

The We-Vibe app comes in for some criticism on the Android Play store and in some other reviews. We've had no problems with it at all, although we only tested the remote "share with my lover" functionality across the Internet for a few minutes, just to check that it worked. When the app is running locally and controlling the We-Vibe over Bluetooth, it works perfectly.

Features of the app include independently controlling the power of the internal and external vibration motors, switching between different vibrator patterns, switching on and off (of course) and even offering the facility to design your own programmes. For example, you can choose your favourite patterns and combine them so they run in a sequence; you might choose a steady vibration for 25 seconds, then a pulsing pattern for 10 seconds, then a wave pattern for 30 seconds... you're only limited by your imagination. The app also reports the status of the battery, which we thought shows excellent attention to detail.

You can certainly wear the We-Vibe incognito and nobody will see it, but although it's fairly quiet you will almost certainly be overheard if you try using it somewhere quiet. So be very cautious if you decide to try it out down at your local library!

The toy is fully waterproof, great for baths and showers, and charges whilst resting on a glossy white charging base. The base itself is powered by the usual mini-USB plug. Like everything else about this toy it's a beautiful looking charger, closed in by a glossy lid, so it would be fairly discreet even if you chose to keep it hidden in plain sight.

Overall, the We-Vibe 4 Plus is a lovely toy and we're excited to have it in our collection, and looking forward to trying it out in lots of new ways.


We've been describing our first impressions of the We-Vibe 4 Plus. It's a luxury toy and admittedly comes with a premium price tag. Our opinion is that it's worth it, especially as a gift for your lover, but make sure you have the correct expectations. It's a versatile remote controlled vibrator, but it's twin motors are dwarfed by magic wands and other mains powered toys, so don't expect it to be ultra-powerful.

Enjoy it as nature intended, and you won't be disappointed.

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